How to find and delete duplicate files from Android Phone

How to find and delete duplicate files from Android Phone

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Nowadays android phones come with more than sufficient storage capacity of at least 8GB to 16GB. Not only is that option given for extending the storage capacity by adding Micro SD cards. This makes most of the users become casual on dumping whatever they can, while using it and the storage become filled up to the edge.

In this situation most of us quickly delete unnecessary files and free up some space but forget about duplicate files. About 12% of the storage on most devices is filled with duplicate files. These duplicate files are of no use for your android devices rather it mess up your drive, slower the PC, and finding the actual file becomes difficult. So, delete these duplicate files and get some extra free space on your Android phone.

There are many ways to examine your hard disk for any unnecessary duplicate files and help you delete them and free up space. You may use ‘Search Duplicate File’ app from as it will help you find and delete duplicate files from your Android device. This app is free to download on the Google Play Store. Just follow the below the steps.

Step 1: Install the ‘Search Duplicate File’ from Google Play on your device.

Step 2: Open the installed app and it will display the list of all the folders. Now start searching for duplicate files through “Search” option. Searching is time taking depending upon the storage capacity of the device.

Step 3: After completion of search, all the duplicate files will be categorized in diverse groups. Then tap on any group to see the duplicate files.

Step 4: Then tap the file you want to delete and tap again on “Delete Selected Files” to delete the duplicate files for ever.

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