How to Use Pen Drive to lock and unlock your Windows PC

How to Use Pen Drive to lock and unlock your Windows PC

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Computer users have an alternative to lock/unlock their Personal Computer to provide better security using a key. You will find many tools in the internet, using which your pen drive can be used as a locking and unlocking key for your PC.

Here, we have used Predator, an app to convert your USB drive into a key to lock your PC.  It is a free Windows program.  So, Let us see the steps on how to lock/unlock your computer using your pen drive.

Step 1: First download Predator tool and install the app.
Step 2: Now open Predator and when you get a pop up window for asking USB, then plug in the USB flash drive. No content from USB drive will be lost or damaged.
Step 3: Once USB drive is plugged in, create a password on pop up dialogue box.

Step 4: You can create ‘New Password’ by going into Preferences option.
Step 5:  If you check the ‘Always Required’ box, then you’ll be asked to enter the password all the times you use your USB drive to unlock your PC.

Step 6: Remember to ensure that you have selected correct USB flash drive. Once completed, click Create key” followed by Ok.

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