YouTube and earn from the same

How to upload video on YouTube and earn from the same

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YouTube is the second most popular website in the world after Facebook. It is also one of the best ways to earn money online by uploading videos and monetizing it. All you need is a good camera which can also be your smartphone. One can also have a video editing software like Sony Vegas Pro or use YouTube’s Studio to edit videos after shooting it. Just for records, nearly 400 hours of videos are getting uploaded to YouTube every minute and nearly one billion hours of videos are watched every day. There is absolutely no dearth of viewers and new YouTubers are coming up with creative or informative videos and making their channels viral within a few months. Here are the steps to open an account and a channel with YouTube and upload videos to earn from home.

How To Create An Account On YouTube?

Step 1. Type in your browser’s address bar and press enter to open YouTube. Click on ‘Sign In’ button in the top right corner.

Step 2. In the next screen, enter your Gmail email address and password and click on Next button.
You do not require creating a separate account for YouTube if you already have a Gmail account.
Note: If you do not have a Gmail account, click on More Options and then Create account option. Fill in basic information and verify your mobile number to have a Gmail account.

How To Create A Channel On YouTube?

Step 1: Once you have signed in, in order to create a channel, you have to click on your profile photo on the top-right corner and click on YouTube Settings icon.

Step 2: In the new screen, you will find the option ‘Create a new channel’ toward the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: You have to provide the brand name of your channel. Choose it wisely because it is going to be the name of your channel.

In the next screen, you will receive the on-screen notification that your new channel has been added to your account.

Before you get started by uploading videos and monetizing them, you need to configure your YouTube Channel so that it gains the trust of the visitors and the visitors can understand the exact categories of videos you are going to upload.

Therefore, upload a channel logo, channel cover image(channel art) and channel description. Furthermore, you can have a channel trailer video where you can explain to your visitors what the channel is about and why they should subscribe and watch it every day. Everything has to be catchy to make the best first impression.

You can access your channel any time in future from the universal left menu of the YouTube by clicking on My Channel.

How To Upload Videos On YouTube?

Once you are done with the complete configuration of the account, it is time to upload videos including your channel trailer video if you have one.

Step 1: Just go to YouTube and on the top-right corner, you will find the Upload icon. Click on that and in the next screen, you will be asked to upload your video file. You can drag and drop or click on ‘Select files to Upload’ and make the selection from your hard drive.

Step 2: While the video is uploading, you have to provide basic info like Title, Description, and Tags. The more targeted tags you add, the better would be the visibility of the video on search result pages and recommended videos.

Step 3: You can also go to Advance Settings and make changes in category, language, and various other useful options.

Step 4: Once the video uploading is done, you will be asked to select the video thumbnail that appears with every video when it is listed on your channel. It is the thumbnail that will convince the visitors to click the video and check it out. So make it eye-catching and interesting.

How To Monetize Your Videos?

Step 1: To monetize your video, you have to create a Google AdSense account. For that, go to YouTube and click on your profile photo on the top-right corner. From the drop down, click on Creator Studio.

Step 2: In the next screen, click on ‘Channel’ from the left menu.In the right screen, you will find Monetization as shown in the image. Click on Enable button.

Step 3: In the next screen, click on Start button. A pop-up window will come up showing the terms and conditions, agree to them and enable the checkboxes and click on ‘I Accept’ button.

Step 4: You will come back to the previous screen automatically and you have to click on Start button beside Sign Up For AdSense. A pop-up will appear, click on the Next button in that.

Then you have to sign into your Gmail account with which you opened YouTube. A form will be given to fill-up the basic information and once you submit that, your AdSense account will be approved immediately.

You can set your monetization preference. Your AdSense account will be verified once you receive 10,000 views.

Finally, go to Channel on the left menu and click on Upload Defaults. Enable the checkbox Monetize with Ads and select the Ads format. This will ensure that every video already upload and will be uploaded, they will get monetized automatically.


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