How to know all information that WhatsApp knows about you

How to know all information that WhatsApp knows about you

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Many of us might have heard about recent controversy on data sharing by a popular social networking service company called Facebook. It was report that around 80 million users’ private data was shared with a London-based agency, Cambridge Analytica. It raised a query among users worldwide, about the quantity of information kept by Facebook about its users.

In like manner, the well-liked instant messaging app WhatsApp too, stores a quantity of information about its billions of users worldwide. This messaging app is a Facebook-owned company. But according to European Union’s (EU) new data privacy rules user can now download the information stored by this company. The GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation), this new privacy law, allows users to download their information and move it. This rule comes into effect on May 25.

Here is steps to download your WhatsApp data:

Step1. Open WhatsApp
Step2. Go to Settings from taping three dots on top right.
Step3. Click on Account
Step4. Click on Request account info
Step5. Click Request report

Following all those steps, Request sent screen will be shown and users are asked to wait for 3 days to receive the report. Normally users receive the report in a couple of hours itself. During this pending time specific account actions will reject your appeal like deleting your account, changing your number or device or re-registering your account.

When report is on hand, users will receive a notification on your phone saying: “Your account info report is ready to download.” Also, users will be mentioned the time limit within which the report has to be downloaded (approximately a few weeks) before it’s deleted from their servers.

Here is steps to download the report:

Step1. Go to WhatsApp
Step2. Open Settings
Step3. Click on Account
Step4. Go to Request account info
Step5. Click on Download report

User will find a ZIP file to be downloaded to their phone. This file comprises an HTML and a JSON file. Please note that, this file will not open in WhatsApp and you need to export it to any other app through email.

From this report user will find their information like phone number, previous IP connection, device type, device manufacturer, profile picture, all your contacts’ numbers, groups names that you are part of and the contacts you have blocked.

As per the information’s that WhatsApp stores not that much so secrete. But it is for all time better to be alert about what information you are sharing as a user with the app.

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