How to keep cool your overheated laptop

How to keep cool your overheated laptop

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The advancement in laptops aggressively changing year by year and the heat control also is being included with better result. We can see modern gaming laptops equipped with a distinct element or with a fluid cooling system to control the heat level of the laptop. Still, in case using laptops every day and used for long duration may cause device gets heated up.

If you might have faced any such situation, then follow a few of the ways to keep your laptops cool.

Before all we need to be sure the laptop is being overheated. It is natural, that laptops heat up all the time while running but this doesn’t indicate it is for all time overheated.

1) If your laptops fan constantly running at full speed, then this is the first signal of overheating the laptop. You can hear the sound of fan running with full speed.
2) A further clear signal is the reduced operating speeds while working on the laptop. In case of overheating the CPU slash down on clock speed to decrease the quantity of heat produced.

There can be some causes why laptop overheated.

1) Air jamming due to dust may be a common reason for overheating. This jamming or air blocking leads to less outpouring of heat.
2) Blockage of exhaust fans may also be one of the reasons.

Now let see, how can we stop laptop overheating?

First we need to clean out the dust and other particles attached with exhaust fan in the device. You may not be able to open the lid and clean it by yourself. You can take help of the customer care support and go ahead.

Shut down the laptop and remove the battery. Use cotton drenched with alcohol for cleaning the fans.

You may use a small vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the exhaust grilles of the laptop.

If possible apply thermal grease to keep the heat under control.

Now follow some methods to prevent it from overheating:

– Don’t keep the laptop on bed or sofa while running. Because As most laptops’ exhaust fans are situated bottom, the soft cloth of bed or sofa blocks the air it, shut in the heat inside.

-Do not keep the laptop inside a bag with Hibernate or sleep. It heats up the device even more, forcing it to shut down due to high temperature.

– Get a laptop cooler. It’s an inexpensive solution to keep laptop cool.

– You may use some software to restrict too much app usage, which usually is the cause for laptop overheating in many cases.

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