How to Find and Recover removed file and folder on Google Drive

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Sometimes, we delete files and folder unintentionally and sometimes we think the files are not needed but later it becomes needed. It may happen because of some mistakes in a document, or just by chance striking the delete button. Usually, it is possible to regain removed files and get it back to the inbox of the online storage. There is no such critical knowledge require to do the same. Here, we show on how to find and recover the accidentally deleted file on Google Drive.

Regain files from Google Drive

Accidentally, if any files or folders have been deleted freshly from the Google Drive or the Google Drive desktop app, it is possible to restore if not deleted from Trash option. Now follow the below steps.

Step 1: Access Google Drive by browsing the link
Step 2: Then Right click on the file or folder you’d like to recover.
Step 3: Click Restore.

Searching files and folders from Google Drive

In case you are not finding a file, which you have not deleted and searching in Google drive, just follow the below steps to find it.

My Drive Activity Panel

Step 1: Visit the link
Step 2: Go to top left and tap on My Drive.
Step 3: Now on the top right, click Info ( I symbol)
Step 4: If you memorize the name of the stored file, which you are looking for, keep scrolling down till you get your file.
Step 5: Still, if you don’t get the file, may try for advance search option by going to search bar and click the down arrow.
Step 6: Now, search your file, like “Type: Text documents.”
Step 7: Still, if you don’t get it, may contact Google. Google help you in regaining removed files or folders for a specified time with a Gmail account.

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