How to block people in Facebook Messenger

How to block people in Facebook Messenger

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Suppose you are angry on an user on Facebook , because the user is sending you unwanted messages constantly or for any other reason, you have decided to block that user. Facebook has included the option to block them from your contact list. Any user is blocked on Facebook Messenger, the profile of the blocker will appear as ‘invisible’ in blocked user contact list.

In addition, the blocked user won’t be able to track your logging activities on Facebook. The blocked user can’t call or message you anymore. Here we will discuss on how to block users on both Facebook website and on Facebook messenger app.

Facebook website

Step 1: Go to chat icon at the top and open the chat of the user you want to block
Step 2: Click on the settings or Gear icon on the chat box and select “Block Messages” option.
Step 3: When pop up window will open, click on “Block Messages” button.
Step 4: Again if you want to unblock the user, click on setting or gear icon and then Unblock.

Facebook Messenger app

Step 1: Open the chat of the user you want to block
Step 2: Click on the chat settings icon on the top right corner with (i) enclosed with circle
Step 3: Now scroll down to find “Block” option and select it.
Step 4: Once you touch on Block option, it will show you box with two options
— Block Messages from “user name”
— Block “user name” on Facebook.

Turn on the toggle as per your requirement.



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