Google Home smart speaker: Smart Speaker & Home Assistant

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Google officially launched its Google Home along with Google Home mini devices in India last month. Although lots of you might have some knowledge of it, smart speakers are even now in an embryonic phase and there could be many who are not aware of what precisely Google Home is as well as what it accomplishes. To put it plainly, Google Home is a voice-controlled smart speaker that is Wi-Fi connected and driven by artificial intelligence (AI). It can perfectly play your music, answer your questions and even run other devices at your home with simply your voice. Let’s find out more about Google Home to know if the smart speaker is essential now.

The Google Home smart speaker allows users to say voice commands to act together with different facilities by way of the intelligent personal assistant of Google, named Google Assistant. Many facilities, in-house as well as third-party, have been integrated, enabling users to play music, run video playback, or obtain news updates utterly by voice. You can engage in your day, get custom-made help with your calendar and manage your smart home with your voice. As Google Home operates with Chrome cast, you can enjoy your entertainment like streaming movies, shows and music on your speakers or television. Also, you can utilize your voice to command your favored compatible devices for home automation.

Features of Google Home

The design of Google Home is peculiar, it seems like a vase which has a rounded appearance. The top gives the impression of being slashed suddenly, but the peculiarity succeeds because it is an attractive device. The top of Google Home is sensitive to touch and goes together with LED lights that flash in colors of ‘Google’ when a command is spoken. Music can be paused by tapping on it and volume can be adjusted by sliding your fingers. At the base, three speakers can be found and they produce convincingly good output.

To awaken the Assistant, you are required to say ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’. You can make use of your Home as a source of recipes. If you ask “Hey Google, how do you make Mutton Biryani?”, each step will be told to you in detail, together with the ingredients you require. You can get answers for loads of such questions. Ask questions such as what is traffic like on my way to work or what time does the medical store close? You are sure to get all the correct answers. Google is much more well-informed than rivals owing to its huge data and outstanding search engine. Even if you ask an obscure question, you will have the answer.

These days Google is not just a popular tech company; it is a choice for everyone who uses a computer or a smartphone for nearly everything. If you are genuinely looking for getting the most via Google Home, you must organize a ‘smart home’. For people who merely desire to utilize it as an entertaining device or simply for listening to songs, it’s a good bet. Choose Google Home as it is an entirely competent and accomplished smart speaker!

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