10 tips to improve battery life of your Smartphone

10 tips to improve battery life of your Smartphone

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Smartphones have enormous advancements day to day in terms of design, camera, or even processing power. Even though, we don’t find any remarkable development on battery technology. Here we have collected few lesser known actions or tricks which may help you to optimize your smartphone battery:

1) Use Black coloured wallpapers If your smartphone have an AMOLED display, whose pixels only utilize battery power to illuminate light colours. But black colour wallpapers don’t need any energy to show. So applying black coloured wallpapers will help you save battery life.

2) Avoid vibration and haptic feedback Vibrations absorb a good amount of battery as we use huge typing throughout the day. Also, turn the `haptic feedback’ off unless you need it as it actually consumes more battery power to vibrate your phone than battery spends while ringing it.

3) Modify which apps can use location Most of the installed apps that on smartphone constantly track your location and it keeps on throughout the day even if you don’t need it simply kill your smartphone battery. So, turn it off auto location tracking option of apps where you don’t need. 4) Always do Android updates if available Apps updating actually helps in improving the overall smartphone performance and battery and memory optimisation. So make sure you installed latest version of apps in your smartphone.
5) If not turn on airplane mode Turning on airplane mode will detach you from the outside world, but you smart phone last long for multimedia apps that don’t need any connectivity. This can help you cut battery usage. It can do surprise if you are travelling in a low network zone where phone towers use a lot of power while trying to register on the available networks. So, turn on the airplane mode if you don’t need to receive any calls, messages or use the internet. 6) Remove on-screen widgets Apps like weather apps, stock apps, scoreboards etc which offers plenty of information on your smartphone display. It is useful to have on screen; however, it consumes heavily your smartphone battery. So, remove the widgets that are not required throughout the day. 7) Make auto-sync Turn off Social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, continuously refresh itself to provide the latest notification. This takes a charge on battery life but you can’t avoid it when it is very important. Go to Settings > Google account and turn off auto-sync for apps you don’t need constantly updated. 8) Doze mode for Android 6.0 Marshmallow Doze mode is the latest addition to Android OS and works on devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There are no switches or settings to activate or deactivate it, where you nothing to do. Doze mode works in the background on Marshmallow devices and place your smartphone in hibernation mode when it goes unused for a longer duration. 9) Check GPS, Bluetooth, NFC if unused Please, don’t forget to check on unused Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and mobile data. Switch off the Wi-Fi if you are connected on mobile data and vice versa. 10) Turn off ‘Always On’ Google hotword detection Turning off Google’s Hotword detection will also improve your Android smartphone’s battery life. This always ready to listen for a command to perform a search function. Here is how you can turn it off: Go to Apps > Settings > Google Services > Search & Now > Voice > Click on ‘OK Google detection’ > Turn off ‘Always on’

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